School Supplies List

Welcome Back to School

Visit Our school is registered with this service to make it convenient for parents to shop for back to school supplies.
Click on the link. Explore the supply lists. Look around. Push the buttons. You will discover various companies in which school supplies may be purchased.
Here are some things I learned, after I toured the EKHLA school list on TeacherLists:
– There are three suppliers parents may choose from to purchase school supplies -Target, Amazon and EPi Supply Kit Company.
– We are early in the “Back to School” season, so some suppliers are still working on up-loading and matching supplies to the school supply lists.
– EPi is a Supply Kit Company. In order to provide the best cost savings to customers, they sell completely boxed school supplies. Items can not be added or deleted.
– Office Depot/Office MAX, Dollar General and Walmart will be added as a shopping option, soon.
We are early in our summer vacation but I wanted to get this out to you so if you want to strategize your back-to-school shopping plans, you may want to consider using TeacherLists. EKHLA school supply lists are now listed. Click on the TeacherLists’ banner found on the EKHLA PTO web site side menu of each page and below. You can also find the Teacher Lists’ banner on our EKHLA PTO Facebook page. Join us on facebook.

If you have any questions or need help, let me know. I am happy to help. If I do not have the answer, I have found the support staff at TeacherLists most excellent! I will contact them for help to get you the solution.
Thanks to Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Smith for their support and partnership in allowing EKHLA PTO to highlight this service to our parents and teachers.
Have a safe and enjoyable summer. Keep a look out for more ways to access EKHLA school supply list. Eartha/EKHLA PTO Communications.

The class lists can be found here.

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