A message from your school’s Box Tops Coordinator, Jordana Pazin:

Thanks for supporting our school! Together, we can made a big difference! Keep clipping Box Tops and send them to school before the fall submission deadline, Nov. 1 or the spring submission deadline, Mar. 1, so I can mail them in and get cash for our school.


Collecting Box Tops is a very easy way to help our school! You might think they are only worth 10 cents, but when collected by many, they really add up! This was with only a very small portion of our school population participating. Just think what we could do if everyone clipped those little rectangles!  You can find Box Tops on thousands of your favorite products, from Big G cereals to Avery Office Products to Hanes T-shirts to Boise Printer Paper.

***Clip the Box Tops and place them in a ziploc bag for your student to take to their classroom. Or leave them in the RED PTO BOX with your child’s name inside the bag.


 Once you register for free on the website http://www.boxtops4education.com – you can see a detailed report on how much money we have earned for EKHLA through submitting Box Tops!