Our Next Event: Bike Rodeo 2020


March 4th, 2020 at 8:30am


  1. Helmets are required to be worn in order to participate
  2. Label bike and helmet with child’s name. The PTO will not label items.
  3. All bikes remaining after the Bike Rodeo must have a bike lock. Bikes will be locked to the fence surrounding the EKHLA playground.
  4. Permission slips must be filled out and returned in the Red PTO Box across from the office by 6:00pm on Monday, March 2, 2020.
  5. Please pick up your child’s bike by the end of the school day on March 2, 2020.


  1. Bike safety check: SAPD officers will perform a safety inspection on all bikes. Points will be awarded or deducted for such things as: a bell or horn, a front light, rear red reflectors, broken or missing chain guard, missing, loose or defective tires, defective wheels or too loose bike chain.
  2. Bicycle riding skills competition: participants will compete in four elements: 1) steering, 2) figure eight or circle, 3) maneuvering and 4) balance. Points will be earned by staying within the lines and not allowing their feet to touch the ground. The Bike Rodeo is a standardize, city-wide skills competition and the course is predetermined. Training wheels are permitted.


Balance Test

Assesses the balance of the rider and is a timed event. The slower the rider goes, the higher the score. Two lines running parallel for 75 feet with a width of 3 feet.

Straight Line Test

Requires the rider to maintain a direct course through an 8 inch opening between two lines. Two lines running parallel for 30 feet.

Circle Steering Test

Assess the rider’s ability to steer the bicycle. Rider must stay between lines that make a circle.

Single Obstacle Course

Assesses the rider’s ability to demonstrate the feel of the bike on judgement and accuracy in riding past obstacles. Eight cones spaced 6 feet apart.


  • Rear reflector
  • Light or headlamp
  • Brakes must be in proper working order
  • Bell or horn
  • Tires must be inflated

A thorough check of the bike’s safety operation should be conducted by parents for their child’s safety. These are items we believe can further protect your child from harm. Failure to have a bell, horn, light or reflector will not disqualify your child from participating in the Bike Rodeo.

Bicycle Helmets

We will also inspect helmets as part of the bicycle rodeo inspection. The majority of bicycle accidents involving children do not occur with cars, but are the result of alls. We require all children to wear a helmet when they ride to reduce the risk of serious head injury.

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